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Nature Sound Retreat

Relaxing Birds

Relaxing Birds

RELEASE DATE: 2/18/2014

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Relaxing Birds is a pure, audio getaway that captures the essence of a pristine natural habitat at the break of dawn. Filled with the soothing tweets and calls of various bird species, this album is designed to alleviate stress and encourage a state of relaxation. Ideal for deep meditation or as a gentle wake-up call, these harmonious melodies are perfect for setting a peaceful mood for yoga or aiding concentration while studying. The delicate interplay between different bird songs provides a rich, auditory tapestry that can serve as an excellent tool for sound healers or for those seeking an authentic ASMR experience.

Key Features:

• A variety of bird songs to aid stress relief and relaxation.
• An acoustic environment conducive to meditation and yoga practices.
• Rich, natural sounds that offer a genuine ASMR experience for deep relaxation.

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