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Nature Sound Retreat

Relaxing Rainforest for Meditation & Relaxation

Relaxing Rainforest for Meditation & Relaxation

RELEASE DATE: 8/26/2014

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Relaxing Rainforest for Meditation & Relaxation is a lush soundscape that immerses you in the heart of a tropical paradise. The layered chorus of the rainforest life, from the gentle rainfall to the vibrant calls of exotic birds, sets a rich, immersive background perfect for enhancing meditation practices and promoting relaxation. This album is designed for those looking to transport their senses to a verdant jungle, offering an escape that encourages deep sleep and mindful contemplation. The intricate harmony of the rainforest naturally lends itself to a healing ASMR experience, helping to relieve stress and providing a soothing ambiance for yoga or sleep.

Key Features:
• Immersive rainforest sounds for deep meditation and relaxation.
• A natural backdrop that aids in stress relief and encourages restful sleep.
• A vibrant ASMR experience that supports mindfulness and tranquility.

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